First and foremost, thank you to PGH Apparel for having the Good To Go food truck at their Wilkins Township location to serve brunch! On an unseasonably cold and rainy day, we were happy to have some great customers come out and support us. PGH Apparel has some great gear that you should stop in and check out. While shopping I spotted a couple of super cool t-shirts; one a Pitt-themed “Hail Yeah” tee and the other an Irish-pride-themed “St. Paddy’s” tee that would make terrific gifts. I bought myself a black ball cap and tee that seem to be their standard issued sleek yet bold PGH logo items that would go great with all of you pro Pittsburgh sports team (Steelers, Pens, Pirates) jerseys, jackets, etc.. Go rep the H! As for our menu of the day incase you missed it, the brunch club and breakfast bowl (shown below) was the only true cure for your Friday night hangover.

Nestled in the historic Irwin business district, New Crescent Brewing is supplementing the town with a brilliant beer selection, a clean classy store front, and a whole fresh new reason to hang out on Main St. We got our first taste this past Saturday and it was a great fit for the Good To Go food truck. The owners and bar manager are very chill and know what they’re doing here. There’s plenty of foot traffic, brewery regulars, and some of our most loyal friends followed us out. The place was very lively and customers here all felt like friendly next door neighbors. I’m a big fan of both of the hazy IPA’s and “Laurel Highlander Scottish Ale”. We’d be delighted to make a stop back soon, thanks for having us New Crescent!!